About US

Gressette Pest Management (License # B1240) was founded in Orangeburg in 1959 by
F. Reeves Gressette, Jr. with a desire to provide quality pest control to businesses and
individuals. Over the years our company has grown to include service throughout central and
lower South Carolina.

The general scope of work includes all forms of pest management and termite management
services, which includes the Sentricon Colony Elimination System as well as traditional liquid
termite treatments. Mosquito management service is available for outdoor residential and
recreational areas. Moisture management is also available.
All technicians are verifiably trained and registered with the South Carolina Department of
Pesticide Regulation.

Why Choose Gressette Pest Management

An industry leader that is family owned and operated since 1959 with a reputation for honesty
and dedication that is unparalleled.

Full-Service termite and pest management - affordable, convenient and guaranteed.

Knowledgeable and Professional Staff that are fully trained and committed to giving you
quality service. We have continuing education that is provided for the staff that ensures
reliable and effective pest management.

Gressette Pest Management, Inc. is a member of the National Pest Management Association,
South Carolina Pest Control Association, Midlands Pest Control Association, Orangeburg County
Chamber of Commerce, Tri-County Chamber of Commerce, Edisto Chamber of Commerce, and
the Orangeburg County Home Builders Association.

Customized Service Plans that meet the needs of our customer. Our wide range of services
allows us to satisfy all of your pest management needs.

Cost-Efficient services are provided since we update and monitor our treatment procedures
constantly. This makes our services more affordable for you.

Leadership: Ralph Faulling has been CEO of Gressette Pest Management since 2017.

He is a SC Certified Applicator (CA030495) in several categories including 7A (Structural Pest Control).
He is a member of the Board of Directors of the South Carolina Pest Control Association.

Ralph Faulling

Ralph is the CEO. He is a graduate of the University of SC with degrees in Management and Marketing. He is a SC Certified Applicator in three categories and a member of the SC Pest Control Assoc. Board of Directors.

Charlton Ardis

Charlton is a lifelong resident of Orangeburg with over 20 years of management experience. He is an SC Certified Applicator in three categories. He has been the General Manager since 2017

Millie Oliver

Millie has been employed by Gressette since 1998. She is an expert customer service provider. She is responsible for accounts receivable. Millie has a degree in computer programming.

Brenda Bruns

Brenda is our Human Resources and Accounts Payable Manager. She also handles the receptionist duties. She has worked in office management for over 40 years.

Abigail Sutton

Abigail began working at Gressette in 2016 as a part time employee. She is now a full time office worker and in store customer service representative.

Rebecca Moore

Becky retired from GPM in 2021 after working both in accounts receivable and in store customer service. She now works part time helping in the office and store.

Phillip Callahan

Phillip Callahan is a pest control technician with over ten years experience. He is responsible for commercial and residential accounts in areas from Edisto Beach to Summerville as well as accounts in some of the more rural areas of the lower part of South Carolina.

Richard Barr

Richard is a pest control technician with over 16 years experience. Richard works both commercial and residential accounts including major accounts such as hospitals and schools. Additionally, Richard manages the pest control supply inventory.

Trey Riley

Trey Riley is a pest control technician. He was raised in the St. Matthews area and now performs pest control in that area. He is friendly, reserved, and willing to help you with your pest control needs.

Will Wofford

Will Wofford is a pest control technician who covers the Orangeburg County area, including Holly Hill. He has deep ties to the Orangeburg area. His grandfather was the Fire Chief for Orangeburg for many years.

Clarence Walker

Clarence has been employed by GPM for over 25 years. He is a termite technician and an expert mosquito technician. Clarence is the oldest and most revered Gressette employee.

Bobby Oliver

Bobby Oliver represents GPM as a termite sales representative and a Certified Master Termite Technician as well as being responsible for encapsulation sales and installation. Bobby has over 25 years of experience at GPM.

L.W. Strock

Employed by GPM since 2006, L. W. is a Certified Master Termite Technician and Certified Sentricon Specialist. He is a Senior Termite Sales representative.

Chris Evans

Employed by GPM since 2009, Chris is a Certified Termite Technician. He also works with flying insects and reptiles.

Tyler Bloodworth

Tyler is a trained Sentricon Specialist. He also is a moisture control technician. Tyler's outgoing personality makes him a customer favorite.

Matt Albergotti

Matt is a graduate of Clemson University and is a former business owner. He has experience in the construction industry and works to ensure that our customers receive the professional treatment that they deserve.

Matthew Jameson 

Matthew began working for GPM in 2020. Matthew has been trained in termite inspection and has completed the Wood Infestation Reporting class sponsored by the S. C. Department of Pesticide Regulation.

Mark Smoak

Mark is a termite inspector and moisture remediation technician. Mark's experience as a contractor and business owner make him a great addition to the GPM team.

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Our Services

General Pest Management

Gressette Pest Management offers high quality, affordable pest management protecting both homes and business. 


 The latest advancements in termite technology

Moisture Control Services

Gressette's innovative vinyl liners and encapsulation system is number one in the industry.

Ant Management

Kill existing colonies of ants and prevents new colonies from establishing for up to one year.

About Us

 Founded in Orangeburg in 1959 by
F. Reeves Gressette, Jr.


 Gressette Pest Management will service your property to help keep the mosquito population under control.